Jose Alberto Daniel Chemane


Jose Alberto Daniel Chemane was born in Maputo, Mozambique. At an early age he was introduced to traditional dance from Mozambique and  became a  professional dance performer with Matola traditional singing and Dance Company. With this company he took part in many festivals in Portugal, France, Libya, South Africa, and Swaziland; and in contemporary dance training programmes with companies like Khubilai Khan (Europe), Taanteatro (Brazil), and currently working since 2009 with Danses en l'r (Reunion Island).

Later Jose Alberto became main percussionist of the company, then the main drummer. From there he took part in music projects in Mozambique and abroad, became founder of Matola jazz project; Ndjira Band, Fouzulu Dance Company and in South Africa he created Keochstra and the Nameless jazz. He has worked with the French group called Lutherie Urbaine in the projects such as'' Es muito Louco'' and '' Nhanssala'', the last having recorded an Audio CD and a DVD, and toured Southern Africa (Mozambique; Swaziland; South Africa and Namibia) and finally France.

Since 2010, Jose has been working through his dance company Fouzulu, with the French reunion based contemporary dance company Danses en l'r in the creation '' 8 days around the world with Madame Lebowiski''.In 2011 he was part of Leu Tempo festival with the same project, and he has monitored diverse workshops in traditional music and dance from Mozambique and how to build musical instruments out of recycled material, at the Reunion island.

Jose AD Chemane is currently studying Jazz and Popular Music majoring in drums, at the University of Kwazulu Natal, and has collaborated with the African music and dance department at the same university. Albert started performing with The Meditators in 2009 as and performs with the band whenever he is available.


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